Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is committed to impart technical education in most efficient manner to the students and it is established in a year 2008 duly approved by AICTE with the annual intake of 66 students. Within a short span, the department has equipped itself with most of modern facilities required for achieving excellence, well established library and computer lab supported by rich core faculty.

Electronics & Communication Engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of art knowledge of electronic networks and devices, electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals, electrical energy converters and electrical energy distribution systems, including their protection and communication and control systems etc.


To provide the highest quality engineering education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


1. Making significant contributions as practicing engineers to their employers and communities.

2. To carry out research through constant interaction with research organizations and industry.

3. To equip the students with strong foundations to enable them for continuing education.


1. To generate and disseminate knowledge and technologies essential to the local and global needs in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

2. To offer a harmonious and respectful environment.

3. To respond to rapidly changing social and economic environment with fervor.

4. To develop the all-round personality of the students.

5. Devoted to serve the nation and community.


Department Laboratories

  • Electronic Devices & Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing & VLSI Lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
  • Networks & Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • Optical Communication & Microwave Laboratory and Communication Systems Lab

Additional Lab Facilities

  • Research Laboratory
  • ESDM Lab
  • NI Lab View Academy


  • LINUX (With all programming and Script Languages)
  • Multisim with 10 user Licence
  • MS Office
  • Embest IDE
  • Xilinx 19.1i with SPARTAN 3E Interfacing Kit
  • Keil µvision
  • Quartus 2 software with cyclone III Kit
  • Flash Magic

Value Added Courses

  • NPTEL- National Programme for Technical Enhanced Learning Certification
  • NI LabVIEW Academy
  • PCB Design training
  • ESDM Courses on Mobile development, CCTV Servicing
  • Internship & Student training programmes through PALS, IIT, Chennai
  • Skill based training for the students through Center for Career Development Pregramme
  • Entrepreneurship programme for the students through EDC
  • Webinars


  • Conducted One day “National Conference on Research and Innovative Trends in Engineering (NRITE’17)” is conducted on 24th March 2017.
  • The ITECS’ 2017 National level symposium was conducted jointly by ECE and CSE department on 11.02.2017.
  • MR. SETHUPATHY BALAKRISHNAN, ALUMNUS/ MAMCET & Mask Design Engineer Intel Technology private Limited, Bengaluru, gave the guest lecture on Analog VLSI testing for IV Year ECE Students. 28 Students were benefited through this guest lecture on 13.02.2017.
  • MR. T. L. Kannan, Project Manager, NEO TECH TRANCE, Trichy has given a guest lecture on 04.02.2017. II and III year of ECE Students were benefited by this guest lecture.
  • The ECRAFT 2017 department level mini project competition was conducted by the association of ECE department on 18.02.2017. The competition is started by 12.00 P.M.



  • An event named “Hackathon Grand Finale 2017” was conducted by “Young Indians” Club on 1st March 2017 and 2nd March 2017 at Rajasthan. The team comprises of 2 third year students Ms. S. Archana and Ms. G. Priyanga, and 4 second year students, Mr. J. Suresh Prabhu, Mr. K. Thinakaran, Mr. B. Lohesh Babu and Ms. S. Keerthana were participated in the event.
  • K.Shree Balaji, Ahamed Anas Arslan, V.Rahul, K.Shree Balaji, Ahamed Anas Arslan, V.Rahul were participated in the event name “TCS Innovate & Neon Marathon , Kurukshetra'17” held at Anna University, Guindy Campus on 18/02/20117 to 21/02/2017.
  • K.Kalaiyarasi , M.Keerthana , Pavithra , Anish Parveen, Gayathri. S, P.Karthika, Sherly Benita, Snehapriya, Praveen Gandhi, Thangapandiyan, Yuvaraj.L, Sasikala of IV Year ECE were attended the event named “Evolution, Internssair, Daksh'17” held in SASTRA University on 23/02/2017.
  • Ms. T. Gayathri Narayani & Ms. B. Sasikala of IV year ECE were completed the internship in “ Gamesa Wind turbibines Pvt. Ltd. “ on 12.02.2017 for the project titled “Power Generation using piezo electric sensors through vibrations in vehicles under the guidance of Mrs. K. Karpoora Sundari.
  • Ms. S. Gowri & Ms.K. Hemalatha of IV year ECE were completed the internship in “ Gamesa Wind turbines Pvt. Ltd. “ on 12.02.2017 for the project titled “Anti theft safety system in remote location – Wind farms” under the guidance of Mrs. K. Karpoora Sundari.
  • Ms. K. Kirija and Ms. M. Maria Jency got certification for completing the internship in Larsen & Tubro Pvt. Ltd., Kanchipuram under the guidance of Mr. B. Syed Moinuddin Bokhari.


  • Dr. J. William, has secured Elite in “Basic Building Blocks of Microwave Engineering” conducted by IIT, Chennai through NPTEL online certification programme.
  • Mr. B. Syed Moinuddin Bokhari has secured Elite in “Principles of modern CDMA/ MIMO / OFDM Wireless Communications” conducted by IIT, Chennai through NPTEL online certification programme.
  • Ms. C. Bhuvaneswari has secured Elite in “Fundamentals of electronic materials and devices” conducted by IIT, Chennai through NPTEL online certification programme.


  • A. Bajulunisha , J. William and N. Malmurugan “Cross Layered Energy Conservative Multicast Routing Protocol For MANET”, Asian Journal of Information Technology, vol. 15, no. 15, pp. 2683-2692 ISSN: 1682-3915.(SJR= 0.18@2014).
  • S. Senthilkumar and J. William “A Novel Routing Algorithm for Selfish Node Detection for Optimal Data Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Network”, Asian Journal of Information Technology, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 376-383, 2016. ISSN: 1682-3915. (SJR= 0.18@2014).

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