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About us

M.A.M. Group of Institutions was established with the aim of providing quality education on par with international standards. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a constant basis for the past 14 years. M.A.M. is committed to prepare students for life and work, equipping them to contribute to the technological, economical and social development of our country-on way to fulfill the vision of the founder-Chairman. Al Haj M.Abdul Majedu to make it truly world class...

Why MASTeR Group of Institutions ...?


Pan Alumni Leadership Series
Member of IIT PALS - Pan Alumni Lecture Series by the IIT Madras Alumni Industry Interaction Center


School of CDP
Enhancing Communication skills and aptitude training right from the first year to make the students industry ready along with Internships and Training for Placement Interviews


Master Skill Development Institute
Successfully bridge the gap between industry and academia. Improve employability skills and setting up industry units to imbibe corporate culture among students and provide part time employability.


NPTEL Local Chapter
Partnered with NPTEL through which faculty and students are motivated to attend online exams.


Toast Masters International Club
Help student members improve their public speaking and leadership skills



Provides detailed feedback on their employability and helps connect them to over 40,000 entry level jobs every year



  • I feel very privileged to be a part of such an amazing foundation, filled with such amazing

    mentors!. I have received the greatest benefit of anything I can imagine from my studies.

    I cannot imagine any possible way to truly express my thanks for the Institution as well as

    my Teachers

  • The college has a great training panel for getting students develop their interview skills,communication and aptitude.

    The new attempts of conducting frequent workshops is a useful culture which needs a lots of awareness among students to participate on it.

    The whole slot of great teachers and college as a managerial support is doing extremely well.

    Parting away as a happy student of M.A.M College of Engineering and Technology.

  • I am S. Sathish kumar studied B.Tech - IT in MAMCET, now I am working in CUB as credit analyst.

    MAMCET is the best place for learning and best place for achieving.

    MAM IAS Academy is most useful to me to enrich our knowledge other than studies.

    Training and placement dept taken more effort to given training to our students regarding placement. This dept is most helpful to me to place in CUB.

  • The dedication and motivation of the staff supported the students in every aspect.

    The college provided gateway for the students to show their talents by participating through various events.

    We are given various success mantra to attain good outcome in our interviews and to come out with flying colors.